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Services & Rates

Experience Matthew’s incredible gift where he connects with your loved ones who have crossed over. Hear amazing messages from Spirit that can help bring closure, peace, and uplifting feelings of knowing that while we may not be able to see them, our loved ones are most certainly still with us. Matthew’s touching personal interaction and humorous personality bring a modern, down to earth approach to the world of psychic mediums. Sessions are available in private one on one settings as well as small groups of up to 20. Larger, gallery style events can be found on the events page.

Private Readings


You are welcome to bring one guest at no additional charge

$60 Per Additional Person Beyond 2 People

(Maximum 5 people allowed at private readings)

Add a personal smudging to your private reading – $25

*Video and audio recording are not allowed, however, note taking is strongly encouraged. Private readings are held at Matthew’s office in Palmer Township, PA. There is a travel fee of $50 per 25 miles for private readings outside of Matthew’s office.

Group Readings

$60 Per Person

6-20 People

*Please collect payments from all guests prior to reading

*Small groups are gallery style readings. Everyone in the group will be sharing the experience with each other. An individual reading is not guaranteed in small groups.

*There is a travel fee of $50 per 25 miles for group readings taking place outside of a 25-mile radius from Matthew’s office in Palmer Township, PA.

Cleansing of negative energy


Personal, home, and office space cleansings available. Please inquire below for pricing.

Spiritual Exploration/Mentoring

Feel like you have a spiritual gift? Interested in exploring and understanding more about what exactly your gift could be? Matthew is available to discuss, explore, and offer a clearer insight into what exactly it is that you have been experiencing. Please inquire below for exploration/mentoring pricing.

*All rates are subject to change. Any travel outside of the area (25 miles) may result in an additional fee.

Cancellation policy: Please allow 48 hr notification to confirm, cancel , and reschedule any appointment. *If you do not confirm within 48 hours of your session, it will be assumed you forfeit the appointment.

Refund policy: No refunds upon completion of reading and receipt of payment. Prepaid readings are non-refundable if not cancelled with at least a 48 hour notice. We will work to reschedule any and all cancelled readings.

Matthew Kamont