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Mary A Clinton

I had a reading this past week, 2 hours along with my daughter and her boyfriend Zack. While I had been to a medium before, neither of them had….the boyfriend was more than skeptical. Within minutes , we were all in tears with what we knew was our loved ones communicating with us. NO WAY could Matt have known what was coming through in that session…..he knew only my daughter’s first name (We were “Jenna plus 2”), so there was no way he could have researched us. Zack and Jenna were very comforted by what they heard; My father came through, and I will always cherish the words and thoughts that came through from him. Amazing. My significant other , who died 17 years ago, was there; and you don’t always hear what you want to hear, as he told me it is more than time for me to move on. Don’t know that I can, but now I know what he wants for me. Matt knew how upset I was, and was most kind and compassionate.
ANYway – do not hesitate to experience this. I will never forget it. Thanks, Matt.

Matthew Kamont