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Jessica Fennel -Shoemaker

This is for all the non believers. He is the real deal. He has helped me when I was at my lowest point in life since the love of my life died. Johnny Rsimo was everything and more to me. For the rest of my life I will struggle and have a huge hole in my heart that will never heal. But when I was ready to give up on life I had made an appointment for a private ready.I took my friend with me BC she’s the one that suggested I go see Matt. It was my last Resort BC I didn’t think I could have made it through this pain I have,I felt like I had nothing left of me when I went to my appointment he totally changed my LIFE! He gave me hope and happiness bringing johnny through to tell me things that only I and johnny would have known and things I had no clue of until I talked to one of the worker’s at JFR. thank you god for putting Matt in my life to bring me some healing. Matt I owe you huge friend thanks. I’ll be back again!

Matthew Kamont