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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do private readings take place?
Matthew’s office located at 3606 Nicholas St. Suite B6, Palmer Township, PA 18045.

How much do private readings cost?
Private individual readings are $200. You are welcome to bring one guest at no additional charge. Additional guests beyond that are $60 per person.

How long do private readings last?
Readings last approximately 2-3 hours

Does Matt travel to me for private readings?
Yes! There is an additional travel fee of $50 per 25 miles for Matthew to travel to you for a private reading.

Where do group readings take place?
Groups of 6 or more take place at Matthew’s office located at 3606 Nicholas St., Suite B6, Palmer Township, PA. 18045.  You are welcome to host your group reading at a location of your choice as well.  There is a travel fee of $50 per 25 miles of travel for groups hosted at a location of your choice.

Does everyone receive a reading in small groups?
Normally everyone does receive some sort of a reading in small groups, however, there is no guarantee that each person will receive a reading.

How much do group readings cost?
$60 per person.

Is there a minimum number of people required for a group?
Yes, minimum is 6 people.

Can I record my session?
Audio and video recordings are not allowed. However, note taking is strongly encouraged.

I don’t need to hear from my loved ones. Does Matthew offer sessions for life and/or spiritual advice?
Yes! Matthew is more than just a Medium speaking to your loved ones that have crossed over. Matthew also has psychic abilities and is able to help guide you in connecting with your own intuition in order to help you with all sorts of life decisions whether big or small!

Do I need to bring anything with me that belonged to my loved ones?
This is entirely up to you. But it is not required.

What type of payments are accepted?
Payments are accepted in cash, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo.

How does Matthew receive messages?
Matthew’s gift allows him to see (clairvoyant), hear (clairaudient), and feel (clairsentient) things from the other side. Spirit gives him “signs” of things that he has personally experienced in the physical world. It is his job, along with your help, to translate these “signs” into your validations and messages.

I have heard that Medium’s do research on a person before their reading in order to get information. Does Matthew look at Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc to find information about me?
Absolutely not. Matthew goes to great lengths to know as little about the person as possible prior to their reading. His Assistant does all of the scheduling so there is little to no contact between Matthew and the client prior to the session.

I feel like there is something negative in my house. What is it? Am I crazy!? What do I do about something negative in my home?
First of all, no, you are not crazy. What you are experiencing is a negative energy. Energy is everywhere. It is in all people, and in all things whether positive or negative. We can all absorb energy from other people and other things. Some of us more than others. These energies follow us around wherever we are and will sometimes take space in our home. If you feel there is negative energy in your home, the best thing you can do is to smudge your house. This is easy to do yourself, however, if you would like, Matthew is available for smudgings. Please inquire on the services page.

What is smudging?
Smudging is a technique with Native American roots that involves the burning of specific herbs to expel negative energies and restore balance to a person, a space, or an object.

How do I smudge?
You will need to purchase some dried sage. White sage is used most and can be purchased online or at a local metaphysical shop and come in loose or stick form. You will first want to crack a window in each room you plan to smudge to allow the smoke a place to exit. Light the sage and blow out the flame allowing the sage to begin to smoke. Beginning at your front door, move in a clockwise direction around your house fanning the smoke towards the ceiling. Pay special attention to corners and dark spaces. While you are doing this, say out loud, “Sacred sage release all negative energy from this space. Only spirits that walk in the white light of God shall reside here.” More detailed information on how to properly smudge can be found at

I feel like I have a spiritual gift. Where do I go from here?
Everyone has some sort of a spiritual gift be it psychic, a medium, healing, etc. It’s up to you to be open to your gift and all that it has to offer. Today there is a lot of information out there about spiritual gifts. Matthew recommends researching books and online information to gain more insight. Meditation is also a great way to connect with yourself, open your third eye, and discover your gifts. You can also meet with a Spiritual Advisor to talk with them about what you are experiencing so they can guide you to what your specific gift is and what you can do with it. You are welcome to schedule a session with Matthew to discuss this by clicking here (insert link to services page). Matthew also recommends Spiritual Healer Pat Longo. More information on Pat can be found at

Do our loved ones send us signs? What are they? How do I know if it’s a sign? What does it mean?
Yes! Our loved ones are constantly sending us messages to let us know they are still with us and watching over us. These signs come in so many different forms that we would need an entirely separate site just to list them! Some of the more common forms of signs and symbols are finding coins, seeing cardinals, smelling a specific scent, seeing a shadow out of the corner of your eye, hearing a specific song, and so much more. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every time you see a cardinal or find a coin laying on the ground that it’s a sign from your loved one. The best way to answer this is that if what you experience makes you think of your loved one that is no longer with you, then that’s a sign from them! Each person’s signs and symbols are unique to themselves. The meaning behind the signs and symbols are different for everyone. A lot of time it is simply a hello, or validation from your loved one that they are watching over you. It can also be them offering you guidance on something going on in your life. Ultimately, what does the sign or symbol mean to you? Trust your intuition and be open to seeing and hearing signs from your loved ones. You will be amazed at how much they are actually communicating with you!

Does Matthew offer Skype, Phone, or Face Time readings?
Yes! Matthew offers virtual readings through FaceTime, Google Duo, and Facebook Messenger.

Does Matthew do readings over the phone?
No. Matthew does not do readings over the phone. Readings are either in person, or through a video session.

Why can’t I click on the date that I want for my reading?
Available dates on the calendar will be in purple and you will be able to click on the date. If the date is not purple and you cannot click on it, then that means the date is already booked.

What is the difference between a VIP group event ticket and a GA group event ticket?
VIP tickets for a live group event include premium seating at the event, a fundraising bracelet of your choice, and a 2o minute Q&A session with Matthew following the live group reading.  GA tickets are general admission and include seating for the live group event only.

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