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About Matthew

Since a young age, Matthew has had the uncanny ability to simply “know” things about others. When casually speaking with friends and family, he would begin talking to them about things they have already experienced or were currently going through in their lives that he would otherwise know nothing about. Because of this, friends and family were constantly seeking his advice on all sorts of things. It wasn’t until after watching episodes of The Long Island Medium that Matthew began to think that maybe these experiences were more than just coincidences. After an encounter with world-renowned Spiritual Advisor and Healer Pat Longo, Matthew finally had the answer. Pat informed Matthew that he is a Psychic Medium and that he has the unique ability to hear and speak to those that have crossed over and now reside in the Spiritual realm.

At first, Matthew didn’t know what to do with this information. In all honesty, he was a little freaked out by it! It was then that Matthew started to notice strange things happening. Unknown faces started showing up in pictures and videos, and unexplainable noises happening in his house. It seemed as though something, or someone, was trying to get his attention. Tarot card readings kept saying “step into your power.” Then, in September of 2015, Matthew decided to move forward and scheduled his first group reading at a local shop located in downtown Easton. His first session consisted of a few friends showing their support. But there was one individual that came to the event that nobody knew. He had happened to see the flyer for the event and decided to attend. It was this person that would prove to Matthew and his Husband Bradley, that all of this was as real as ever! His name, ironically, was Angel. Matthew began talking to Angel about a person that had passed. This person was Angel’s late Husband. Matthew was able to tell him all about the things he was going through and currently experiencing and was able to leave Angel with an overwhelming feeling of peace, now knowing that his Husband was still with him. Watching over and protecting him.

Since that date, Matthew has continued to share his gift with countless others in private and group sessions in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. He has also traveled to other states upon the request of some to share with them his amazing abilities. Matthew’s modern and down to earth approach brings new life to the world of Mediumship. His kind and personal touch, paired with his hilarious personality, allows him to connect with even the biggest skeptics to show them that there certainly is more to life than just the here and now.

Matthew currently resides in Palmer Township, Pennsylvania with is Husband Bradley, and their two dogs, Bentley and Phantom.

Matthew Kamont